Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drink Dispensers

I am in desperate need of 3 drink dispensers. I need them to be 2+ gallons each. My mother found some at Dillard's a few weeks back, but they are only 1 gallon each. So, if anyone knows where I can buy them or have some for me to borrow, I would greatly appreciate it!!

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Kerri said...

I have 2 HUGE ones - but, they have a turn valve (like the photo), instead of a lever valve. Lever is much faster.

Anyway - they have some large 'nice' acrylic ones at Sam's now that are $20 each. I think with the right table decor, they would be great. AND, they wouldn't break the bank! AND, they could be used for LOTS of events in the future. Good luck!