Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Story

The story of us on the road to becoming one began January 25, 2008. My dad was home from Iraq and he and my mom had gone to New Orleans for their (drum roll please) 40th wedding anniversary. Well, after New Orleans they were heading over to Katherine's house for a few days. My older sister was also heading to my sisters house for Mardi Gras. So, Ben and I thought we would head south to hangout with my family for the weekend.

On the drive down Ben said that he thought he would be a great idea if we stopped by Spring Hill College and take a picture of a landmark that way we could have a picture from SHC and Auburn. I was all for going by the campus (have i told you how much I adore my Alma mater??). We stop at Stewartfield house and I got out to take some pictures. Well, it was dusk and my photos were not turning out too great. When I got back in the car I said to Ben "too bad it's dark, I could not get any pictures. I love this house. When I was in school here people would get married here and we would sneak over and watch the reception." He said "lets go look inside, I have never seen it before." So we walk up to the big front porch and I peer in and try the door. I turned around to Ben to tell him the door was locked. That is when he had the "CARD". He gave me the card and told me to read it. Well, this card looked very familiar to me. This was the card that Ben had given me two years prior on our first Valentines Day. So, I start reading what Hallmark had written until Ben said, "no read what I wrote." That is when I noticed that the first letter of every sentence was highlighted. It spelled out JAMIE WILL YOU MARRY ME.

The crazy part is that had written that two years ago, but I never deciphered the hidden message. Of course he got down on one knee and pulled out my gorgeous engagement ring and I said YES!!!

The best part is I got to spend the evening with my family sans Carolyn's clan celebrating my engagement. How perfect!

Photo c/o Lindsey Lingenfelter

The infamous Card.

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