Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pink Cocktails

This one is for you Smish. Cocktails for the adults. Plus it is my color scheme.
How refreshing.


Anonymous said...

I want one right now!!! Looks so delightful:)

Julia said...

hey jamie- you don't know me but i am a friend of the lingenfelter clan, and i'm a lurker 'cause i LOVE weddings! So i have a great recipe for a pink cocktial!

all you do is fill a tom collins (just tall) glass with ice. and then pour half the glass full of pink lemonade and then add 1 ounce of citrus vodka, then fill the remaining space with sprite! so refreshing and cool- you could even garnish with mint or lemon slices- really good and cute!

Jamie said...

Thanks Julia for the recipe. Sounds yummy. I might have to try one this weekend. Don't mind lurkers at all, I'm one myself!